A revolutionary new hand held jar designed to help Cannabis Patients organize their life and the various strains of medicine we encounter. Established and produced in Orange County CA, you will now be capable of traveling with four different herbs completely separate in one airtight jar with no mixing or smell.  It will forever change the way you buy and store quality flowers.

  • Entirely odor-proof, airtight and water resistant, the Enjoy Jar locks in all the freshness and familiar skunky smell to keep your Medicine safely hidden and totally fresh.
  • The compact size makes it perfect for weekend travel or home storage.  Every jar comes with a mini Nugtainer and an Eco-friendly drawstring bag for discreet travel and home storage.
  • Each of the four sections is capable of holding up to 5 grams of herb, rolling papers; mini Bic lighter, and a Nugtainer.   Easily Holds 1/2 oz+
  • Measuring in at just 2 inches in height, the curved shape makes it easy to reach every last bit of shake with your fingers. No more dumping out your medicine due to a narrow opening, this jar provides easy access to your buds. 
  • Labeling and organizing has never been easier! When it’s time for new flowers, simply use a Sharpie to write the name on that section. Marker easily comes off with rubbing alcohol. We ship internationally and orders try to ship orders the following business day.